Ladder Safety

I attended a man who had been building a garage. He had climbed the ladder onto the garage roof to nail shingles in place. The roof was about 9 feet high. As he stepped from the ladder onto the roof with his right foot, he stepped on some plastic that was on the roof. His foot slipped, and he fell feet first onto the ground. When he landed, he heard a loud crack. When we arrived with the ambulance, his leg was bent at 90 degree angle, 3 inches below his knee. It was a very nasty break.

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We responded to a motor vehicle collision. When we arrived, we found we didn’t need the jaws of life to gain access to the injured because the right side of the car was torn open. An 8 year old boy was lying on top of his 35 year old dad. Both of them were on the floor in the back seat. Both were dead. Several days later, a police officer who had worked on the case told me more….

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Why Wear a Hard Hat

A couple of years ago I was visiting a friend of mine. His 18 year old son, who had recently gotten his first full-time job on a construction site, was complaining that he had to wear a hard hat at work. It’s too awkward